Full Guide on Unlocking Huawei E303 Modems for Free

Last Updated: October 29, 2016

Did you have any Huawei Modem you wanted to unlock but you don't know how to unlock it? It is very easy just follow the steps below. This tutorial also works with all Huawei modems and not only for Huawei E303 models only.

Full Guide on Unlocking Huawei E303 Modems for Free

How to Unlock Huawei E303 Modems for Free

1. Click Here to Visit the Huawei code calculator page.
Unlocking Huawei E303 Modems for Free
2. While on the Huawei Code Calculator Page, you have to sign in with Google+.
3. After successfully signed in, a new page will load. On the new page, insert your modem 15 digits IMEI number and Model in the space provided for each of them.
Unlocking Huawei E303 Modems for Free
4. Finally, click on calculate to get your unlock code. Copy down and save your NEW ALGO CODE somewhere.
Unlocking Huawei E303 Modems for Free
5. Insert another sim card into your modem and plug it to your Computer.
6. After inserted, it will prompt for unlock code, use the generated new algo code you saved earlier.

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Congratulations your modem is now hacked and you can use any SIM card on it.

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