New Opera Mini 8 for IOS Devices

Last Updated: May 21, 2015
Opera software just introduced the New Opera Mini 8 for IOS Devices.This Opera Mini 8 will get you to anywhere on the web faster, cheaper and with a brand new native UI look for iOS 7.
Opera Mini 8 lets you choose from three different modes of exploring the vast world of the web:
- Opera Mini mode offers huge compression of web traffic, up to 90%, and data savings. In areas with poor coverage and tough network conditions Opera Mini saves both time and money.
- Opera Turbo mode saves slightly less data than Opera Mini mode, but offers better website compatibility, making it the ideal browsing mode for most users.
- Data savings off is a no-compression, straight-to-the-source option, that ensures maximum website compatibility.
You can set the different modes as you see fit, e.g., disabling compression on your workplace’s high-speed Wi-Fi, using Opera Turbo with your regular data plan and Opera Mini when traveling anywhere around the World. Three options, all in a single web browser, all on your iOS device. Opera Mini has long been a must for people on the go, roaming to distant places of the world, and, with Opera Mini 8, it takes its place as the all-inclusive alternative web browser.Other features of the browser include; Beauty, speed dial racer, easier surfing of websites.
More features at Opera SoftwareDownload the New Opera 8 at Apple App Store for Free.
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