Infinix Hot Note vs Infinix Zero - Specifications, Features and Price

Last Updated: August 9, 2016

We are still in Era of smartphones and different companies keep bringing in new devices for their customers. This lead Infinix to introduce a new phablet called Infinix Hot Note which has got lots of pre-order on Jumia before arrival. This smartphone is just an advance mode of Infinix Hot with greater features and am really impress with it, so it's time we compare the smartphone with the Popular Infinix Zero making use of their respective specs.
Both smartphone features 3G network. Both smartphones are built with dual micro sims slot.
Infinix hot note vs Infinix Zero

Infinix Hot Note has a premium look and feel with a stunning body of 8.99 mm thick that makes it easy to hold, it also have a metal textured finishing on the back and side frames while Infinix Zero has a cutting edge design and a stunning body as well with 7.99 mm thick that makes it easy to hold and explore, the Infinix Zero body is made of Metal and wrapped in a very durable and damage resistant body glass casing.
Infinix Hot Note features dimension of 156 x 77 x 8.9mm with 172g in weight while Infinix Zero features a dimension of 140 x 70 x 7.9mm. Infinix Zero is built with a 5 inch, 720x1280 pixels brilliant HD display screen while Infinix Hot Note has a professional 5.5-inch display, 720 x 1280 pixels (267 pixels by inch).

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Hardware Comparison
Both New Infinix smartphone are built for high-performance sporting Octa core each clocked at 1.4GHz while Infinix Zero features Octa Core each clocked at 1.4GHz. Both smartphones also features Mali-450MP GPU.
With this processor comparison, it's definitely sure it would be hard to differentiate which smartphone would perform better because they are of same processor. Both smartphone runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat OS but difference in RAM, the Infinix Hot Note provided with 1GB RAM while Infinix Zero is gifted with a 2GB RAM which would make it runs apps and functions better than the Hot Note.
Both smartphone also have loudspeaker, WiFi Hotspot, WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 4.0 and functioning USB ports for charging and Mass Storage functions.

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The Infinix Hot Note is built with 16GB Internal Memory with External SDcard slot with capacity of about up to 32GB. The Infinix Zero is of two types one with 8GB internal memory while another
with 16GB internal memory but both with external sdcard slot of up to 32GB.

infinix hot note and INfinix Zero Cameras

Infinix Zero was really born for taking shots featuring a 13MP Rear/Back Camera and a 2MP Front Facing Camera while Infinix Hot Note is provided with a 8MP Secondary Camera and 2MP Front facing Camera. Both smartphones cameras are very clear and sharp with LED flash light for Night Shots, you could even feel it for professional camera. If you are selfie lovers its advisable you go for Infinix Zero as it can serve your purpose.
Infinix Hot Note features a reasonable battery life of 4000mAh compared to that 1920mAh battery of
Infinix Zero. Therefore, Infinix Hot Note has a better battery life than Infinix Zero but we are still expecting more better battery life from Infinix.

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Both smartphones are available in Nigerian Largest Online Markets dealing with Gadgets. You can get the Infinix Hot Note from JUMIA for N23,500 while Infinix Zero sells for N28,900 on Jumia and It costs #29,500 on Konga. You can click here to buy if you live in Kenya.

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  1. Anonymous

    We discovered that Infinix phones parts are not available in the market. What is the producer doing about the availability of the part, especially batteries?

    • Many people have also complained about this and I think everything would resolved soon because not all people can use d phone without faults.

  2. Lateef Adeniyi

    Pls, which would advice one to get between Infinix Hot Note and Infinix Zero? Also, I learnt there are two types of Infinix Zero (I.e one with rear 13MP and 5MP front cameras and the other of 13MP back and 2MP front cameras. Pls, revert

    • Hi Lateef, I would advise you to go for Infinix hot note as it have everlasting battery capacity than Zero.
      Yes there are two types of Infinix zero but only one is available for now, the second with 13MP and 5MP would be launch on June 4. We would update you on the device just keep visiting and subscribe for more updates.

  3. Am using infinix hot. My menu, back buttons jst stopped working. Pls help

    • The best option is to take it to Infinix office at Lagos or you give it to a competent mobile phone Engineer for repair.

  4. Sandy

    Trying Infinix....hope it won't give any problems...

  5. Nana

    Please I want to use an infinix phone so I decided to browse and know what it entails then I got to know we have infinix hot note and infinix zero , I read about them and became interested in the infinix zero because it has more qualities than the hot note unless with the battery capacity. I also want one that has a long lasting battery and here is the case the battery for the zero does not last. What do I do now?

    • You can just go for Infinix hot note PRO. It has what features you want.
      You xan search for it here using the search.

  6. RAM looks okay and the rear cam, promising. even the front cam is better than a lot of today's mid-range smartphones, some of Lumia's models being the prime example. though i feel it could use a bit more battery.

  7. Hii! Hiidee I am first time visiting your blog but I must I would like to come here in future. You have solved my confusion over both phone . thank you for sharing

  8. maryann fidelis

    Please I love infinix hot note does it instagram? And how is d photo edit??

  9. adejohn

    I plan to get infinix phone, pls which one will you advise me to get, among infinix hot note, infinix zero and infinix hot note pro.. I need reply me as soon as possible.. Thanks

  10. Pls sir, is hot note pro 13mp rear camera or8mp rear camera? Coz I checked the pro @omegatron benin and its 8mp but 2GB ram and 32Gb memory

  11. i can't change my front camera view to back camera view pls i need help ...........infinix zero 2

    • Hi Hemma just Click on the change camera icon on your screen, the icon is like a small camera and an arrow is at the bottom indicating like turning around.
      Your front camera should be working now.

  12. Orekelewa

    Do you have an idea how much the hotnote cost now?

    • As at now Infinix hote note is available for #25500 on Jumia but prices may varies depends on where you wanted to buy from.

  13. shittu

    do u hav any idea if the infinix hot note price would decrease any time from now and dose the three soft keys on light at night??

  14. Rera

    Which is good for selfies, Infinix hot note or infinix zero? And which product is better?

    • Both are great smartphones but infinix zero is better but zero lacks gud battery life while hot note have a last longing battery life

  15. Opeyemi Ganiyu

    Comment...Where is the Infinix office in Lagos?I want to repair the screen of my phone.Thanks.

    • Infinix office are two in number at Lagos.
      1. 2nd Floor, NO.77, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos State.
      +234 80022752273
      2. No.55, Kofo Abayomi Avenue Apapa,Lagos.
      +234 8091339530

  16. ayinla

    I want to buy Infinix but I don't know which I should go for.bettwen huawei y3 and infinix which one is good most.

  17. Neon Emmanuel

    please how long is the battery life ? am planning on buying a product like dis one

    • The Infinix Hot Note is better in battery with about 5 to 6 days on normal use without network connections and wifi. But on network connection and wifi you can use it for up to 2 days.

  18. Toyin

    Pls is infinix hot 2 same ad hot note, which is advisable to buy?

    • Infinix hot 2 is not same as infinix hot note. Both are great smartphones with different specs. You can go for any one of your choice but if you consider more battery life go for hot note but if you want a more advanced performance but low battery power just buy hot 2.

  19. Enfiz

    Comment...d infinix hot 2,looks too cheap 4 me,in d sense of d material used in making it,d infinix hot 2 and infinix hot note which is more sophsicated.

    • both are good smartphone but there are differences in the specs,your choice depends on features you need.

  20. Lawal Saheed

    I am enjoying my infinix zero. Very interesting phone

  21. Daniel

    Comment...Sah, Please do we have the infinix hot note Pro in Ghana yet ...?? n if so where specifically. If you have one of your stores or shops here in Ghana too, u can give me the directions because I want to get one.. Tankx

  22. Temi

    Pls, am considering buying a new phone, either infinix Zero or Lenovo A7000. Pls reply.

    • Both are great smartphones it only depends on what specs you want. Both are similar, infinix zero have 5 inch display and lenovo a 7000 5.5 inch, zero has internal storage than lenovo, zero has camera than lenovo, lenovo has more battery life than zero. Depends on your choice and what specs you want. Hope this is helpful

  23. chijioke

    hello bloggers..who says infinix zero does not have a battery,well it depends on how u use it..atleast am using zero for d past 4 months now infact i didnt even buy it new,(though not adviseable )d camera is just too u want to use everlasting battery..atleast my bar3 can last 2 days even if am online...u way day blog u go fit stay up without eating for two days...i dont understand d bar3 level u guys are talking about.....abi u won compare Samsung bar3 ad infinix ad still people are still rushing to get Samsung...

  24. capable

    How do I subscribe for 1k on glo network for 3gb on android

  25. Hammed

    Apart from all d specifications mentioned above like long serving battery,pls i want to ask that is d hot note camera is bright as the blackberry does?

    • Hi Hammed, we have different cameras for different phones so it depends on the megapixels, hot note has 8megapixel camera so find out what camera the blackberry has and compare. As far as have been using hot note the camera is sharp and clear enough for me.

  26. Pls am using Invinix hot not, to my greatest amazement, the battery does not last up to 1 day. Even when it 100% charged. Even when am not browsing. Pls what must have gone wrong. Pls how can I get the original battery to add to this one? Thanks.

    • Am using the phone and the battery lasts me for a day, but the only solution I can suggest is take the phone to any infinix office and request for battery replacement because the phone battery is inbuilt.

  27. chikelubryne

    Comment...honestly I have got my self stunk in browsing for about 4 days now researching for affordable wonderfully made mobile phones to purchase unfortunately i realised that infinix products have more of what I desire. in conclusion, infinix hot note pro is awesome but my problem is the camera, and my question to ask is, is there any infinix hot note pro with 13 megapixel and front camera 8 megapixel with flash please I need answers now because I need today

    • There's not Infinix hote note pro with 13MP camera but there's Infinix zero 2 with 13MP camera but 5MP front camera.

  28. Nonso

    Pls Infinix x510 says it has 16GB ROM,bt in the total phone storage,I see 11.78GB..Why is it so? Also do u have an Idea of what October 1-HD 422 Master#88-MPEG is, it occupies a lot of space in my phone and I dont know what it does.Pls do reply soon

    • As for thw storage part of it have been used to install phone software and other apps that comes by default. October 1 is a Nigerian movie that talks about Nigeria Independence and the file type can be opened with a mxplayer or vlcplayer you can download from playstore. otherwise you can delete the movie.

  29. Nonso

    Thanks for replying,but I thought its 2GB RAM was for the default apps,why encroach into the 16GB ROM.they should have indicated that it had the 16GB total space if it did and give details of it, as they do in other phones.Thanks

    • Now I understood you, probably the problem is from Infinix, to have not make the overall internal storage what it suppose to be.

  30. Tom

    Tangible info. Now I know the difference between infiniX hot note and infinix zero

  31. Pls how do I add images to my contacts and also to block people from calling and the front camera is not too good it usually blurred pictures... Pls how will I set the front camera

    • Editing your contacts to add images to them. Nothing can be done to the front camera that's how Infinix have design it but you can check if there is any dust infront of the camera and clean it off.

  32. jennifer

    Comment...plz how gud is infinix zero x510

    • Infinix x510 is a good smartphone with faster processor and 2gb of RAM. You can just buy and thank me later.

  33. Sophia

    Comment...plz I wnt to buy infinix phne bt am so cnfuse on d 1 to gt, btw infinix hot note, infinix hot note pro, infinix zero nd Infinix zero 2...wich is d bxt to get nd d 1 wit bxt BA3.

  34. joan

    Where is Infinix company located here in lagos

    • Don't think they have company here in lagos but you can conatct them with this address.
      2nd Floor, NO.77, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos State
      Tel: +234 80022752273

  35. perpetual

    Comment...nice phone anyway. But I had problems with snapchat when I was using infinix zero. Am now using hote note but my video still doesn't come out well. Please do something about it fast cos it frustrating.



  37. AbdulGaniy Mansur

    I bought my infinix hot note but internal memory card is 10.88

  38. Muhammad

    Comment...pls between infinix zero and zero 2 which one among them in better

  39. Austin

    just bought an Infinix Hot note smartphone online. So far so good, thanks to Infinix company..... I will get back to you later.... Thanks for the difference.... Austin G-unit

  40. bayo

    Pls I need u to advise me asap. Am contemplating on buying a blackberry z10 or infinix hot 2. What should I do.

    • Hi Bayo, both smartphones are good but as for me I prefer Android to Blackberry phones. I can only say Z10 is good in shooting clear and sharp photos than the Hot 2.

  41. Kwame

    Comment...Can't block a contact on IMO using infinix hot note.

  42. isaac

    What is the present price for zero2 and hot note pro.

    • Hi Isaac, Hot Note Pro is available for N28500 while Zero 2 is available for N49500.

  43. Tim Freeman

    Hi Hadharm, where can I purchase infinix phones on a whole sale basis???

    • You can get infinix on whole sale basis from Infinix store. Make use of the contact us page for discussion on that.

  44. oluwatosin

    Pls my infinix hotnote is insane. It does not work well. Everything about it has stop working. Unfortunately phone has stop. Unfortunately android service has stop. I can 't even switch it off. No menu nothing

  45. potos

    Comment...please how much is 02 ,03 selling now

  46. tony

    Which is better btw galaxy note1 and ininix hot note

  47. pokua

    I really wana get the infinix note note or note 2
    But I'm very worried about the 2mp front camera?
    I hear the front camera is quite blurred for selfies

    • You can go for the Zero 3 if you want sharp and clear front camera but the 2MP is not bad as well. It is nothing compared to 5MP of some other cameras.

  48. Elijah Dlakwa

    i need the difference between infinix hot note 16Gb/1Gb Ram, infinix hot note 32Gb/2Gb Ram and infinix hot note pro.

    • Just difference in RAM and internal memory. Infinix hot note pro is also known as Infinix Hot note 32GB/2GB

  49. Elijah Dlakwa

    Comment...i need the difference between infinix hot note 16Gb/1Gb Ram, infinix hot note 32Gb/2Gb Ram and infinix hot note pro.

  50. Tim

    The notification lights on my infinx hot note x551 android 5.1 screen aren't responding.. How can I get them working??

  51. HamzaYola

    hello. what is d difference between infinix hot x510 n infinix hot note 2. I'm using infinix hot 2 x510. which one is d best n which one has d highest quality among infinix phonr

    • Hi Hamzayola, I can't really say which one is better because it depends on the specs you want in smartphone. But the difference between them is that hot note 2 has 4000 mah battery while hot 2 has 3000 mah battery. Hope I have answered your question?

  52. Julius

    Comment...I wish to exchange my infinix hot note for another one

    • Hi Julius, Where are you living? Maybe I can help on where to go for the exchange/swap.

  53. Abena

    am having problems charging my phone(infinix zero)....initially the battery was running down very fast after charging so i changed the battery n got new charger too
    bt its even worse now, i put it on charge over night or for almost 10 hours n get jxt 2% or 3%

    • Hi Abena, nothing is better than what the phone comes with. And even if you want to change the battery you suppose to take the phone to infinix calcare center. Did you got it done in infinix calcare center???

      • Abena

        yes i did

        could this problem come from the charging system? please i really need help bcos its been off for 3 days now and its very frustrating

        • Get any infinix charger from anyone close to you and try charging with it. Use the Infinix original charger not fake ones.

  54. Jameson

    Comment...pls am very confused, I want a bigger phone, frm description tecno droipad 7 is bigger than infinix hot note, pls which would rather advice me to buy

    • It depends on what features you want in a smartphone. Can you just state the features you take as a priority while trying to buy a smartphone? With that I can help you suggest.

  55. noble

    Comment...i need an infinix phone around 30k which has a clear front camera nd up to 5.5 inch which one should i go for pls?

    • Hi Noble you have the Hot 2, Hot 3, and Hot Note. You can get them for the prince range you made mention.

  56. babalola femi

    pls between infinix hot zero nd note which is higher

  57. Queen ifeoma

    Pls help me ooooo the two button, I can't pik a call by shifting it to right I only see stable of ending a call button on it steady, how will I correct dat please


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