How to Disable Read Messages (Blue Ticks) On WhatsApp


The Chat Messaging Service which was acquired by Facebook has now becomes the world most populous and best chatting apps. After Facebook acquired this chat service from Whatsapp the first feature was the introduction of blue ticks to indicate a seen or read message which caused quite public anger among the 500 million users that is currently using the messaging app. This feature was
implemented by a way in which the double ticks that used to be there originally  would turn blue as soon as someone opened your message.

disable read messages blue ticks on whatsapp

Although some people did appreciate the fact that WhatsApp launched such a feature that lets them keep a track of their conversations, most people are of the opinion that it is a privacy breach and should be removed. WhatsApp released a new version that allows users to choose whether they want to share their read receipts or not.
So before you can get this done on your Whatsapp you firstly need to download latest version from Whatsapp Official Website or any of your Apps Store.

Complete Guide To Disable Read Messages (Blue Ticks) on Whatsapp

1. Download Latest Update of Whatsapp
2. Lauch WhatsApp and go to the Settings tab.

disable read messages blue ticks on whatsapp

3. A new page shows just click on Account

4. A list of options is shown then select the Privacy option.
disable read messages blue ticks on whatsapp

 5. Now disable the Read Receipts option which will stop the annoying blue ticks from showing up and will protect your privacy.

disable read messages blue ticks on whatsapp

Once the Read Receipts option is disabled, no data is sent to the main server regarding whether the message has been opened by receiver or not and hence the sender cannot know if the receiver have seen the message or not. But have it at the back of your mind that once you disable this feature on your phone, you too will not be able to know if your messages have been seen or read. It is similar to the Last Seen feature of WhatsApp.
You must allow others to know about you if you want to know about them as well. You cannot choose to have the Read Receipts option disabled for particular contacts. It is either all or nothing.So it’s as simple as that just make sure you follow the above guide and you would protect your privacy by not allowing others to see whether you have read their messages or not.
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