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Last Updated: May 24, 2015

DomainKing.NG,Global Domain Registration, Web HostingWordPress Blog Hosting.
Lets Discuss about their services and what makes them Special from other Companies having the same features out there:

Domain Registration
Yes have been seeing domain pricing all around the globe and none is compared with the price of domains at, you can get a domain name for as low as N900. They make the domain cheaper and easy to point and park to any websites of your choice. Give it a Trial and thank me later. Register your domain Now

Web Hosting
N130 ($0.79)/month. Full Details Here

WordPress Hosting
Host your Blogs on our Premium SSD Servers for best performance. Get upto 2X times faster loading websites. Plans Starting from N260 ($1.58)/month. Full Details Here

How Do I Pay DomainKing?
Domainking have already make payments easier for their customers where you can choose to pay with any convenient method of your choice. Below are the list of the payment methods, note that the first three are only for Nigerians while others can be used by anyone around the globe.

  • Bank Cash Deposit/Bank Transfer
  • Perfect Money
  • Payza
  • Webmoney
  • Paypal
  • Egopay   

NOTE: You can use their service once you are a human being but if you want to know more about the method of payments for DomainKing Service Click Here.

Domianking Lucky Blogger Contest

I am taking part in the DomainKing.NG Lucky Blogger Contest, sponsored by DomainKing.NG

prize by sharing, commenting, liking, retweeting my post. Cheers.

Did you want to join the Contest or you just wanted to know what are the prizes to be won just click here.
Thanks for Reading.....Expecting your shares and comments below. Keep Sharing to your friends and loved ones.

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  1. Waow!!!! this is really amazed, OK bro Hiiddee is this the domain registrar u've been telling us about on groups ? Nice I have prevailed their payments options its inevitable and suit a taste, I have hard about them not long ago from a guy of mine he told me like something valube to him and made mentioned of techblogNG that there he known about DomainkinG, Now we will be moving our domains to them very soon, thanks for sharing them to the world, can forward them ann say something great about them on my website and social networks ?

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Yes, I have made mention of domainking here before in one of my posts and recommended them for Cheap hosting plans and cheap Domains as well.
      Get your sites and Domains hosted there now and am sure you won't regret about their service.

  2. Domain at 800 naira?
    They accept bank transfer?

    Bro that's why I love url blog. You give us interesting tips.

    I will try my luck with domain king on my next domain purchase

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Those features just make them special and reliable. Yes just try your luck and you would never regret it.
      Thanks for the comment

  3. Although my Domains are currently with Gigalayer but now its time to get rid of their high price and move down to Domainking.
    Would give a trial when my current domain expire on Gigalayer.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Diji I was also surprise while seeing the new domain and Hosting price at Gigalayer, it's better you take your leave for a new reliable and cheap service.
      Thanks for sharing as well.

  4. Samuel Davzy

    Wow nice description and review on DomainKing checking them out would be very good as you stated they offer their customers their package at low price.
    Am also sharing this to help you in the contest...

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Thanks I can see you have shared this.

  5. This is a great review Hadharm. I am aware of Domain King and their services. Thanks for the info

  6. Great Post here I just saw the Tweet on Tweeter about domainking and I was like why are they special and I landed here safely to know more about it. Although am not into website stuffs but would try using them if I would in future. Thanks for sharing

  7. Would share this with my friends that are into Website stuffs. Thanks

  8. Joshua

    I already have one of my domains there.
    How I wish to join the contest.

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Hi Joshua, You can join the contest as well. Thanks for adding a comment.

  9. Sheriff

    Best of luck bro ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Hi Yemi, Am glad and happy you are using DomainKing service already and thanks for sharing your view and recommendation to others.

  10. Omo this site good ooo Chai I always like to dey surf here.....salute to the owner of this blog he is a professional... Muah

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Hi Aliu, DomainKing .com domain is currently N1750 buh there may be changes in price in future but for now I would recommend them.

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Point your browser to, search for your domain, register and complete your payment. Thats all.
      If any problem contact DomainKing on their site.

  11. Wow!!! Thanks. For this eyes open post... I love it....... This is what have been waiting for, have been looking for site to host and buy domain for my project.... Joining them right now... Thanks for sharing

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Hi Oluwole, am happy the post have helped you in one way or the other.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hadharm Hiidee

    Amen bro

  13. Olayanju Kabir

    Have heard and known about DomainKing since last year November when they sell Domains for #499. Even have account with them. Sharing this to help you win.

  14. Adeyanju Isolak

    Ogunrinde Adams Best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Lol Adeyanju you remind me of OND tym... Thanks for your comment.

  15. Ibikunle Aspen

    Although I don't use DomainKing buh my friends using it use to talk good about their service. Winning is on your way Hiidee

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Thanks for your good wishes

  16. Wow am happy to have landed here, I have been looking for Cheap domain for my site and one guy is telling me its $10 on Godaddy but now am hapi techblog introduce Domainkings I would buy my domain there when my money is ready. But pls is the com domain #900

    • Hadharm Hiidee

      Good day Varvar, Domainking is your solution for now as they offer domain names at cheaper rate. the .com domain you asked for is N1750 and you can make payment using bank teller so I don't think you need to waste your time anymore.

    • Dayo

      Contact me Promise I would buy u godaddy domain for $2. just call 08112597091

  17. Great Work here... You would surely win #baddest guru

  18. Jegede Ayodeji Antony

    Yikes!! Thanked God I haven't dashed out #2800 already...
    DomainKingNG ยป Easy to use and Payment Options Convenient... I'll host my new domain with them
    #Kudos to Hiidee for putting up this wonderful article #team_techBlog

    • Hi Jegede, thanks for the full support in the contest am greatful. #inspiring greatness

  19. Tunspell

    9ice one very happy to have this

  20. Am very sure Domainking as the name implies would be king in the near future as it keeps improving day by day. this is the seventh blog am seeing this contest of a thing. I have my domains bought for $0.99 on Godaddy for now and anyone interested should just use 99love coupon on checkout.

    • Hi Femi, have been hearing and knows lots about godaggy domains buying with coupon but most of you people just like awoof not thinking of what may happen later. The godaddy domains recurring fee are higher than godaddy domains which implies that you may later pay more while trying to renew your domain. Though its not late because you can still transfer your domain to domainking. Widh you all the best in blogging.

  21. Uche

    I would recommend them for my pals.

  22. Sirpencil Rankloaded

    Domainking are good. Wish you the best bro

  23. Ajani Olutayo

    Its been a long time I leave Website stuffs but my friends want me back in. I think it would be better to make a Start with DomainKing but am after the $$$$$.

    • Hi Ajani Olutayo, am very sure your friends are making some cash from ads thats why you too want to come in back and Yes you can startup with domainking but it's advisable you work on your visitors, and more engagment first before thinking of ads. I just guess its ads since you are after dollars.

      • Ajani Olutayo

        Thanks for this. Donvin ads bomb is there for me.

    • Ajani Olutayo

      Chai mistakenly marked the notification for comments and my mail don load with lots of messages. Pls how to stop this

      • Just open the mail and you would find a link to unsubscribe at the bottom. Let me know if you need any other help.

  24. Eneth

    Although I don't know much about DomainKing, the post have already give the introduction. Website stuffs is lyk if you are not gaining wat u invest then quit thats Y i just quit last year. Techblogng is the winner

    • lol are you the one to judge the winner. Great to have your comment here although I noticed you dropped out as at last year but its just because you were after making money blogging which cannot be done without audience to visit your website. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Ethan @ Remove Duplicate Photos

    @Hadharm wishing you all the best in the blogger contest

  26. Anadeyq

    Its my first time seeing you in a contest, have stop all this website stuffs since I gained admission but a share should help you win.

    • Hi Anadeq, I too have once did that when I gained admission. I just leave my blog, no regular updates since there are other assignment to be carried out. Thanks for taking your time to share.

  27. Tolulope

    Wow see comments.
    I already know about DomainKing and what they are existing for. Wish you all the best

  28. Omololu

    First time hearing of domainking. May I know what are the prizes for the contest.

    • Good day, Omololu I have made mentioned of how to know more about the Contest and also made mentioned of how to know the prizes. Go over the post once again and you would find it there.

  29. Domainking now trending on Nigeria Blogs. Best of luck

  30. Mariam

    Just learn something from your writeup.

  31. Rasaq Reezy

    Thumbup bro #teamwinning

  32. Quadri Gooner

    Informative and cool info here. DomainKing all the way thumbup hidee

  33. Jeremiah

    Suffered alot searching for cheap domains but I think I've come to the right place!

    • Rasaq Reezy

      I think the gift is a Smartphone

  34. Dammy

    Wow!!! I'm just a young female webmaster. I'll host my domain with them when I start my Project... You're such a darling Adam!

  35. Domainking is really an interesting hosting company, I think their plan is quite ok!

  36. PerfectPerky

    Wow! They also Offer International domains Nice Write Up Hadarm... Ama give it a try

  37. Ohhh Ehn Ehn Yreb General in the building... I don't even know anything lyk Domain is existing buh I would consider using their service once the neeed arises.

  38. Deola

    Best of luck. And thanks for the fixing of brick Infinix you helped me about. Have shared this from your fb status.

  39. Great work and qualitative write up. Thanks for sharing

  40. Ayankola

    Following your Tweet am here to support you

  41. John Agonua

    Cool ijn you would win

  42. Superfelix

    Domainking is not new to me i only lyk their fast response to customer query.

  43. Blessing

    Nice content... hope you wins

  44. Idris

    All the best in the thing

  45. Koowee

    I have my domain somewhere else buh it would have expired, can i move it to Domainking need reply asap

    • Doing that would be simple just head to Domainking website, register and contact their support team regarding this.

  46. Damirex

    Oyaaa Boss of life

  47. Paragoal

    Great Engineer wish u winning oooooo

  48. Bolarinwa Quadri

    You really deserve a win.

  49. Festus Fagbohun

    All is well wish you success

  50. Frank

    I've been scam not even once on this domain stuff...Are the Real?

  51. Yomi

    Winning on your side bro

  52. Ikechukwu

    DomainKing don turn boss buh i prefer Godaddy for now. Good Review

  53. Philips

    Nice and informative Review. Am not from Nigeria but can I use their service.

    • Timothy

      Domainkng is gud I recommend them.

  54. i don't really have experience with Domainkng but some of my fellows are getting their services may they are satisfied with them.

    • Domainking is really good and you would enjoy them once you give a trial. Thanks for dropping a comment.
      Have a nice day.

  55. stephen

    We need reviews and sites of people that are hosting on domainking, their price is too good to be true for the kind of services that i have seen on reputable websites. we need someone who is hosting with, major facts about hosting, is the speed and downtime of any site. any assurance

    • Hi Stephen, I have never seen any domainking customer complaining of any failure about their service.
      You too can give a try and enjoy what they are enjoying over there.


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