Apple App Store has 80% of it's applications as Zombie

Last Updated: May 21, 2015

The Apple Application Store now have 1.2 million apps, but only about 240,000 of them are being downloaded. That’s about 20% are been used by window users. The remaining 80% might as well not exist at all or few maybe useful.
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Mashable reports that mobile analytics company, Adjust, has a report to this effect. Adjust says:
"nearly 80% of the 1.2 million apps currently available are just sitting in the App Store with hardly any downloads at all.
Adjust calls them Zombie Apps – apps that are “just sitting in the App Store with hardly any downloads at all”.

It has been my opinion that beyond the 250,000 applications marked, a lot of duplication and redundancies occur in the average mobile platform’s app store. Duplications and triplications, and loss of visibility. Of course, none of these take away the merits of the App Store. It just puts things into perspective and helps with clarity.
Full details at Mashable.
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