How to Lock Apps on Android Devices

Last Updated: October 15, 2015

your smartphone is one of the most important things nowadays as it’s done to
prevent others from operating your phone. Once the smartphone is locked only
people that knows the security code or pin or pattern can unlock and perform
tasks with the phone.
still lock their phones so that children would not play with it and just
mistakenly open any application or make unnecessary calls which would lead to
wastage of airtimes.

how to lock apps on android

there are some people that dislikes friends checking their apps or logging out
them from one app or the other but do you know once the app is locked no one
would be able to access the application not to think of even signing out.
you phone would also keep your files and other information’s or documents on
your Android smartphone from leaking out.
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these reasons I have here some applications to introduce to you which can help
you to secure your Android smartphones:
is the top app lock and privacy protect tool, it can lock any app, such as SMS,
Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram, Gallery, Gmail etc, protect
your privacy with password. Most polished, reliable AppLock, with NO Ad.
Features includes: lock any app with pin lock or pattern lock, secure your
privacy, Re-lock policy to fit your need (lock “Every time”, lock
“Until screen off”, lock “After 1/3/5 minutes”), add multi
locker with different password, Auto lock/unlock app base on Time or WiFi (auto
tasker), quick lock and unlock from widget or status bar, lock incoming or
outgoing calls 9. You can lock entire screen, lock and prevent app from being
uninstall, auto restart when being killed by task killers, reliable to protect
your privacy.
Smart App

how to lock apps on android

Applock is an App Locker or Protector that protects your android installed
applications making use of a password or pattern (Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Twitter,
SnapChat, Skype, Gallery, Camera, Gmail and any app you choose).
Protects installed Apps using Password (PIN or Words), pattern, or gesture, Detects
and Takes a picture of the Intruder (after failed attempts to unlock), Support
Fake Forced Close pop-up (instead of lock screen), Set individual passwords for
each app(multiple passwords), lock screen timeout and Lock screen rotation, Lock
incoming calls and outgoing calls, Wi-Fi whitelist to deactivate lock at
whitelisted locations, Set Lock Time to only activate lock at certain time,
Lock 3G data, Remote Lock by SMS keyword and it also allow lock screen
should you lock your entire phone when you could simply lock individual apps?
Applock Master is an app designed to secure your smartphone and protect your
privacy! Applock Master allows you to set a digital or pattern-style passcode on
individual apps on your Android device. For example, you might use it to secure
the Messages and Phone apps to prevent snoopers from seeing your conversations
and call logs! Maybe you want to protect photos or videos, or even stop your
kids from changing phone settings. The uses are endless, and by locking
individual apps instead of the entire phone you save yourself a lot of time.
privacy Master is one other app which can be used to lock apps on Android
effectively. It is a rendezvous of the apps like App Lock and Applock Master.
The home screen widget it has does the entire locking thing for you. You can
simply lock apps, block changes in settings, USB access and more with this app.
The security question feature helps you to retrieve your data if you’ve
forgotten any of your app passwords. Overall, this is a good app to lock apps
on Android and if you want a mid-level security to your phone then this could
be the right option for you.
you don’t have very much data or apps to protect from others but still want a
little security for your texts and gallery then you can go for this app. It
only has a lock for the apps you want nothing else. Though, the user interface
is impressive and very handy in terms of use. The battery usage is so minimal
to give it a talk. The users who want to give their Android a taste of security
without many codes to decipher can go for this app to lock apps on Android.
Avast Security is meant to secure your device from threats, virus and unwanted
programs but also it is built in to also lock application. To use the lock app
feature just make sure your Avast is up to date (updated regularly) and you
would see the Application
from menu. Click on it and you would have a full list of
apps you have on your device as below.

how to lock apps on android

the apps you want to lock by ticking from right hand side and your apps would
be locked after clicking ok. But if you haven’t setup Avast pin before you
would see a popup requesting you to setup the pin that would be used to unlock
your locked apps.

all these every one of you who are looking for a decent app to completely lock
out your phone from the reach of unknowns will find the above apps quite useful
depending on your needs.

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