How to Fix Not Enough Storage Space on Android Devices

Last Updated: October 15, 2015

Most of the Android users usually have this problem, but if you have not encounter this problem that means you have a large phone memory space and an external sdcard of large memory as well but the post is still useful for you incase you later encounter anything of such.
It was just like a surprise on my device with 1GB free storage space and still receiving insufficient storage space while trying to install an app from playstore and also same while trying to use my device Camera but later on I found a solution to this and my download and selfie taking was successful.

How to Fix Not Enough Memory on Installing Apps from Playstore.
1. Go to System Settings and Tap Storage.

From storage menu you can view your storage Disk left or unused space and those you have used as well.
2. Tap on Preferred Install Location
3. Now choose the disk where you have free storage or the let the system decide.
Its advisable you choose the Let system decide as the system would auto download to where there is free space.

How to Fix Not Enough Memory While Downloading Files.
There are also sometimes when you would try downloading files and you would receive not enough storage space but you may have free space on other storage. I mostly encounter this using my Camera when my sdcard slot is full so it gives an info to change storage space. To fix this if you also encounter this just:
1. Go to system settings

2. Tap Storage

3. Change Default Write Disk to where you have free space. From above imade I changed my default write disk to Phone Storage just because my SDcard is full.
Feel free to use the comment section to ask any question.

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  1. Gabriel

    I can't seem to find "preferred install location on my Infinix hot note2. Please, can I do?

    • To find this go to settings >> Storage and look towards bottom of the screen.


    Pls how do i reset my tecno545 to be downloading app & says insufficient memory

    • Hi Daniel you can just set the default storage to where you have memory on your device.

  3. Great instructions here. Not having enough memory is more than just inconvienient so it's nice to know how you can remedy the situation. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Juma Wafula

    have tried installing save to phone but still not working, what could be the problem?

  5. chike

    Hi eve when I choose the place with more space, it still says insufficient space

    • Hi Chike, Remove your memory card and slot it back then recheck and choose where there is free storage space. I will be waiting for you reply.

  6. Cecil

    I'm having a problem with my techno h5. it keeps popping insufficient phone storage messages all the time. I choose the storage also to my 8g memory card yet it was the same. I formatted my phone storage but the problem still persists

    • Hi Cecil, Try making use of internal storage after formatting the phone but without memory card inside. If that didn't fix it then copy files in your memory card to another located then format the memory card and insert to your phone. Once it works transfer your files back to your device.

  7. Bola

    Hi Hiidee,
    I have tried clearing the cache, I have made my external memory my preferred storage location as that is where I have more free space, I have taken out my memory card and put it back, yet it is telling me "Insufficient Storage"
    What can I do?

    • Hi Bola, what are you trying to do when your phone bring the notification of not enough memory????