Best Tips to Know whether Visited Website is SAFE or Not

Last Updated: May 21, 2015

As we all know that the internet is now useful and important in
everyday job, I would like to share the
best tips to know if the website
you are visiting or surfing through is safe or not.
tips to know a website is SAFE
I have been performing these checks every
time for a long time without even noticing it.
Here are the website issues
you sould run away from:

1. The website is sending a file
to download which you didn’t ask for, Avoid these kind of websites at first.
Never save anything you don’t ask to download on your
Now if you want to download
something : Check the extension of the file to know if
you are not trying to download
something to install on your
computer, avoid any if not related to what you asked to download.
If you are looking for an image check the extension is “.jpg” or “.png”,
etc there are also many image list you can search google with this keyword: “image extension list” for other extensions.

Same for a video, check the
extension and google search “video
extension list” if needed. Check the file size, if you are looking
for a complete movie for example,
don’t download a file of 1Mb. If you
have have no idea what should be the
size of the file you are looking for,
try to have an estimation.
Tips to know a website is SAFE
2. The website has massive and
agressive ads: Be aware of the quantity and
quality of ads running on the website
you are visiting.
I would not recommend a website that
has too much ads, or too agressive
ads, or even worse with both. These days, ads are made to trick
you so that you click on it no matter
what. Some of them will say that you
have viruses on your Android/computer and
that you need to click on it to get rid
of them for example, don’t trust these
informations as have once clicked on it and download and detected what have downloaded is harm to my PC.
Another example is when you’re trying
to download something, so this time
you’re actualy asking for a file to download, there will be fake download
buttons everywhere which are actualy
ads just look well and pick the correct download button.

3. The design makes you wonder if
you are in a safe website. I am absolutely not saying “old website
s are websites you should not trust”.
I would recommend that you pay a
little more attention to old looking
websites. Look at the content, is it
rich and containing valuable informations? If not you should
begin to become suspicious.
Why? Think of the guy who created
the website, he could have thought “I
don’t mind the form of my website,
I will focus on the content”, but if form is bad and content is poor, then
what is the importance of the website?
Let’s just be careful with old-style
4. Is the website you are on well-
known? As we know nowadays Google Search brings out results best on the best known websites, but there could be some ambiguous cases where websites need to run
scripts on your computer or install
plugins where the script may have been created to collect your datas or passwords. In these cases I would
recommend you think is the website well-known? If it is, trust it, you can trust
facebook, twitter, google and other big
websites, there will be no malwares nor
If you are uncertain, visit Google and search for the website details, try to find reviews or talkings about it, and make your own
If you are pretty sure it is an unknown
website (even when search engines doesn’t
know it), then be suspicious and
careful about it.

5. Is the website safe for Purchase?
Are you an Online Marketer or you like purchasing online? You will usually be asked for a
password before you make an online
payment. This is to help keep your
personal details private. Make sure
you use a strong password – one that
is a combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and symbols and if no password is involved the website seems not to be safe. Also, Avoid making online purchases when
you are in a public place. When you are
using a wireless internet service (also
known as ‘Wi-Fi’) in public, you
cannot guarantee that the network is
secure. This applies even if you have been given a password to use.

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